HashNest regular operations

Buy and sell hash power on HashNest

1. Where can we buy hashrate?

You can buy hashrate of antminers on shop or scattered hashrate from other users in the market.

Buy from shop:

Buy from market:

Check your total hashrates in status when the trade completed:

2. What is the difference between buying from shop and buying from market?

Buy from shop:  the hashrate and the USD price are fixed, and the cloud mining will start automatically after 72 hours after payment completed.

Buy from market:  you can buy the hashrate as your willing even at your expected price(but not sure it must be accepted by other users), and the price is changeable as per the exchange rate. The cloud mining starts immdediately once the hashrate transactions completed. There is no handling fee for buying hashrate but we do charge 0.15%btc to seller for selling hashrate.

3. What is trade pin? 

Trade pin will be requested when you buy or sell hashrate in market, and also requested when you withdraw. Trade pin is very important, please keep it confidential and safe. The system will not request you to input the trade pin again if you have completed one trade with correct trade pin in market except you log out and login again.

4. What is the special rule for trade pin setting? What if I forget the trade pin?

The trade pin must be at least 6 characters. If forgetting the trade pin, you can go to the SETTING function to reset it by yourself.

More details please refer to http://faq.hashnest.com/?qustion_id=130 

5. What if your hashrate or bitcoin is locked on market?

If you have hashrate or bitcoin locked there without any trade, please raise your issue on the support page. Please also upload the locking screenshot, and our support will release it for you after confirmation.