About HashNest Platform

How to calculate the earnings ?

Mining Revenue Distribution

1. Mining revenues generated from Hashnest mining contracts will be paid out using the PPLSN (Pay Per Last N Shares) method.

2. All miners on Hashnest are pointed to AntPool by default.

3. In the event that AntPool experiences prolonged technical difficulties, Hashnest reserves the right to move hashrate to another mining pool. In the event of a mining pool shift, revenues will be distributed according to the PPS (Pay Per Share) method.

4. In the event of a mining pool shift, Hashnest will also compensate for lost revenues according to the PPS method.

PPLNS Revenue Distribution Explanation

1. Upon AntPool finding a block and after six network confirmations, the block information and revenue will be transmitted to the Hashnest platform.

2. Upon receiving this information and the newly found bitcoins, Hashnest will then divide revenue among all users according to the proportion of the amount of hashrate they control proportional to the entire pool.

PPS Revenue Distribution Explanation

1. PPS uses the following formula to calculate theoretical mining revenues per GH/s.

1 * 10^9*86400*Current Block Reward/Current Difficulty/2^32.

During revenue distribution, users will receive income based on the amount of hashrate held in their accounts.


PPS/TH profit 0.00256508btc

BTC exchange rate $673 = 1 btc

Electricity fee 1GHS/day $0.0006=$0.0006/673$=0.00000089btc

So the profit goes as below formula:

PPS/GHS profit 0.00240108 x 0.001=0.0000024btc

The profit per day=0.0000024btc x hashrates you owned-0.00000089btc x hashrates you owned

If you still can't understand the earning calculation, please send email to support@hashnest.com with showing the subject as 'ROI', and we will send you a calculator which would help you understand your earnings better.