HashNest regular operations

HashNest redeem miners

1. What is redeem?

Redeem means you can request to deliver your miners to your home in redemption period and there are restrictions about redemption, please read carefully about AntMinerS7 Sales & Hashrate Hosting Contracts.

2. How to redeem miners? What should users pay to redeem?

Users need to ensure they have enough hashrate to redeem full miners and make redemption orders with payment completed within 7 days. Users need to pay for handling fee and shipping fee.

Where to check your total hashrates:

3. What about the hashrates not enough to redeem a miner?

You can choose to buy more hashrates to make up to a miner or you just sell them in market before redemption period. (Market will be closed during redemption period)

4. When can your redeem your miners?

You can request to redeem your miners only in redemption period which HashNest will announce it when we notice the maintanence fee/pay out is up to 100% and keep it same for 10 days.

5. Where to request to redeem miners?

When the redemption is available, we will publish the redemption link on our official site which you won't miss it.

6. What if users want to redeem their miners but missed the redemption period?

Please pay attention to the redemption notice from us, and we don’t accept any compensation request after redemption period.

7. What if users find the redeemed miners are not to the correct specification or any devices broken?

Because redeemed hardware is, by nature, secondhand, Hashnest cannot guarantee the quality or remaining life of a machine. Older units may not hash as efficiently as they once did. Hashnest cannot guarantee that every redeemed machine will operate as though it were new. Users can choose to repair the devices and bear all the expenses all by themselves.